Dietitians, upgrade your counselling skills to:

Evidence-based and easy to implement

dietitian counselling

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Masters in Social Health and Counselling

Steph dietitian counsellin programg

You want to help the clients you work with but find they:

It’s tiring to feel you have all this nutrition expertise that is not making a difference to your clients’ lives right now.

It is also draining to deal with clients that are struggling to change when you are not sure of the best ways to help.

You feel worried you may not be doing a good enough job in your consults to retain clients and get more referrals.

Your training taught you nutrition science. But as a dietitian, you also need the most effective nutrition counselling skills to help clients get ready and committed to behaviour change.

You wish clients would be ready to take action, that you could feel confident in your counselling skills and know that you are following an effective consult structure.

You would love to see your clients walking away with an amazing transformation and sending others your way.

Dietitians, like you, have been able to achieve this by following my evidence-based and published counselling skills framework to help clients get better outcomes and enhance client retention.

This dietitian counselling program is for you if you want to: